BevyCares is an initiative of Bevy4Good, a division of Bevy. This program gives people the tools they need to organize events, virtual or in-person, that provide relief and care in a time when the world needs it most. 


These events are run by volunteers, people who are hosting events, want to host events, or want to get involved in some way to help both their local and the global community. Volunteers can request to access the platform to host their events, by providing their name, email, location, and a brief description of the events they will host. Request to use the platform and host your event. 

Bevy ( is a community events software platform based in San Francisco, California. We work with the best companies and building products to help companies manage and scale their user groups and event communities, all over the world. Bevy is built on a system that enables Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Marketing. With C2C Marketing, you empower your brand ambassadors to help run your community events, both online and virtual.


BevyCares is free to use. 


How it works: 

What's not available on BevyCares