Shine Bootcamp Summit

SHiNE Bootcamp

Mon, Mar 22, 5:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

Putting on events is a true test of a person's grit. The outcomes are visible to everyone. Failure is not an option. Deadlines are firm. And nothing goes exactly to plan. Add in a global pandemic where you've been forced to shut down or go virtual and let's just put it this way: you are a hero.

On top of all that, finding fresh, diverse speakers for your conference is HARD. It’s tough because known names drive registration. But you have an opportunity to be the place someone sees their next star.

You don't want to invite only the usual suspects. You want to champion a variety of speakers whose work deserves to be known and whose voices deserve to be heard. That and a diverse speaker lineup is table stakes. ​But where can you find these speakers?

Sure, there are speaker databases, but sometimes they just don't cut it. You want to vet your speakers. You want to see them live in action. You want to make sure they're a good match for your audience and your event.​

Let us help you:​

• Discover fresh up-and-coming talent with new perspectives & new things to teach.

• Find your next rising star 🌟

• Create a diverse conference lineup​

Shine Bootcamp is honoured to invite you to the Shine Speaker Showcase. 


  • Abby Reimer

  • Aje Amaechi

  • Alaina Chipman Leeks

  • Alexis MacDonald

  • Alison Gibbins

  • Ally McDeavitt

  • Amanda Schaefer

  • Ana Siu

  • Anca Bujor

  • Andrea Paltzer

  • Angelina Fadool

  • AJ Rudolph

  • Anu Mandapati

  • Araceli Esparza

  • Ariel Malloy

  • Ashley Gibson

  • Ashley Harrison

  • Baiba Krumina

  • Bhargavi Sivakumar

  • Blair Kaplan Venables

  • Brianne Dromey

  • Britta Lorenz

  • Karra Barron

  • Carolina Lizama

  • Ceci Martinez

  • Chalon Jones

  • Courteney Ervin

  • Courtney Taylor

  • Cristina Fonseca

  • Dawn McCoy

  • Di Luong

  • Dominique Sierra

  • Erin La Ninfa

  • Evan Oliver

  • Ginny Mueller

  • Grace Esparza Trujillo

  • Hua Szu Szu Yang

  • Irene Malatesta

  • Jade Hugh

  • Jing Dong

  • Jodi Tingling

  • Kaelen Medeiros

  • Katie Mi

  • Kelsey Walker

  • Kim Fitkin

  • Kirsten Koppang Telford

  • Ksenia Stepkina