Marketing (re)Focus, 2021 - A Virtual Conference

Grazitti Interactive
Thu, Mar 11, 9:00 AM (PST)

Conversations on Making Marketing Matter

About this event

A virtual conference intended to foster conversations on making marketing matter in a post-pandemic world.

We’d love to see you among us and other B2B industry leaders as the conference will be packed with exciting keynotes, panel discussions, and Q&As with the best industry leaders focused on getting the new marketing right.

Here's the detailed agenda for the conference:

  • Marketing Evolution Through the Sands of Time
  • Competing Through Personalization
  • Investing Strategically for Marketing Agility
  • Marketing Tech and the Value it Brings
  • Synchronizing Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

Grazitti Interactive works with organizations across the globe to elevate their marketing strategy and operations to deliver superior customer experiences. Over the years, marketing leaders from our customer-base have leveraged our expertise to build best practices.

Our panelists include some of the most focused and passionate individuals in the marketing space. It’s going to be an event packed with fun interactions, brainstorming, and so much more. See you at Marketing (re)Focus, 2021 on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST!


  • David Edelman

    David Edelman

    Independent Executive Advisor

    Digital and Marketing Transformation

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  • Lincoln Hershberger

    Lincoln Hershberger


    Vice President, Marketing

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  • Sara Kinsey

    Sara Kinsey


    Head of Marketing

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  • Dani Weinstein

    Dani Weinstein


    Senior Director, Customer Community and Growth

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  • Hala Samow

    Hala Samow


    Director, Marketing Operations

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  • Aristomenis Capogeannis

    Aristomenis Capogeannis


    Director, Revenue Marketing

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  • Larry Stein

    Larry Stein

    Technology Marketing Strategies

    Principal Consultant

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  • Heather Watkins

    Heather Watkins

    Impossible Foods

    Head of Growth Marketing

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  • Corey Bayless

    Corey Bayless

    Amazon Web Services

    Market Automation Program Manager

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  • Alok Ramsisaria

    Alok Ramsisaria

    Grazitti Interactive

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Shivraj Asthana

    Shivraj Asthana

    Grazitti Interactive


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  • Maneesh Kumar

    Maneesh Kumar

    Grazitti Interactive

    Vice President, Sales

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  • John Summers

    John Summers

    Grazitti Interactive

    Senior Manager, Community Practice

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  • Rahul Sindwani

    Rahul Sindwani

    Grazitti Interactive

    Senior Technical Manager

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  • Ankush Jasuja

    Ankush Jasuja

    Grazitti Interactive

    Senior Marketing Manager

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  • Host

  • Akanksha Dass

    Akanksha Dass

    Grazitti Interactive

    Team Lead, Content Marketing

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  • Organizer

  • Grazitti Interactive

    Grazitti Interactive

    Grazitti Interactive